We are a collective of Designers, Pattern makers, Tailors and Seamstresses.

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“Made to Measure”



       Hem, Taper, Lengthen, Waist, Pocket, Zipper


     Hem (original, re-attach, chain stitch), Taper, Lengthen, Waist, Pocket, Zipper


      Sleeves (w/ or w/out buttons), Shoulders, Seams, Collar Shorten, Body


      Replacement or Repair on Cloth, Leather, Down, Raincoat, Pants


      Hem, Seams, Waist, Shoulder, Elastic, Lining


     Replacement or Repair of all Linings


     Replacement, Working Button Holes, Leather Pieces

      FUR HOOK + EYE

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Other Services


      Sample Sewing


    Custom and Specialty Sewing

    Re-designs of existing garments

Copy an existing garment

      Corsetry and Bustier


     Markers, and Grading


      Draperies and Home Décor

      Tailored suits and jackets


 Concierge Service

Alterations, fittings and styling in your home or office

Coming soon


·      Small production runs 20 to 50 units

·      Cutting Services

·      Day classes and small workshops



Contact :


432 Clement st.

San Francisco

Drop in hours

Monday 2:30 pm to 6:00 pm

Tuesday, Wednesday 10:30-6:00 

Thursday  12:30-6:00 

Friday 2:30 pm to 6:00 pm
Limited availability 7 days a week by appointment only 

To book an appointment please email us

fabrixsewing@gmail.com  (attention J. Banks)


 (415) 742-0122